David Hasselhoff’s daughter Hayley become’s the first ever curvy model for Playboy Germany

‘That’s my body!’: Hayley said the highlight of her shoot is the body you see is all hers, including her breasts and bum, and Playboy only ‘amplified’ her natural assets 

'I am very proud of the photos': Hayley Hasselhoff has become the first ever curve model to cover Playboy Germany and revealed her famous father was 'supportive' of her posing nude

Hayley Hasselhoff has become the first ever curve model to cover Playboy Germany and revealed her famous father was ‘supportive’ of her posing nude.

Hayley Hasselhoff inundated with 'messages' after posing nude on Playboy  cover - Daily Star

The plus-size model, 28, who’s the daughter of The Hoff, 68, told MailOnline her Baywatch-star dad believes in her and trusts the choices she makes for her career after she first started working aged 14.

'I was grounded': In an exclusive interview, Hayley revealed she felt 'empowered' by being able to celebrate and showcase her body as she starred topless for Playboy (pictured on Instagram)

Hayley, the youngest daughter of David and actress Pamela Bach, 57, told MailOnline: ‘My dad is very supportive in the choices I make for my own career. My mum and my dad are always very supportive in everything that I have done.

'Gorgeous': Hayley admitted she felt 'apprehensive' on the Playboy shoot but quickly remembered the reason she was there – to take ownership and feel liberated by her body

‘You have to remember I’ve been in this industry since I was 14 and I’ve been a curve model since I was 14.

We all have different journeys in the curve industry but for me I started out as a curve model and I am still a curve model today.

‘To see the progression of where I’ve gone, to where I am today, I think they’re both very, very supportive and they believe in me and all the choices I make in my own career, just like I do for them.’ 

Hayley shot the glamorous pictures in Paris during lockdown wearing her own lingerie after it became difficult for her team to source garments to fit her UK size 16-18 frame amid the pandemic. 

The curvaceous actress explained being the first plus-size woman to star on the front of Playboy Germany is significant because it plays into a ‘bigger movement’ of embracing all different body shapes and sizes. 

Hayley Hasselhoff STRIPS to nude underwear to talk about body image |  Express.co.uk

She said: ‘There are a few photos that are tastefully nude where I’m topless.

‘At the beginning there were pieces of me like “oh Playboy…” and then I had a think and I was like ‘oh cool!’ I get to make this movement for curve women during a global pandemic and let them know they have every right to celebrate their bodies.

‘Looking at those images I have to say there were definitely moments on set where I was apprehensive because it was my first time ever shooting something like this.

David Hasselhoff's daughter Hayley becomes Playboy's first plus-size cover  model | PerthNow

‘It was one of those moments where you have a thought bubble and that apprehensiveness – but then that positive thought came back in and said “hold on a second that’s the whole reason you’re here today.”

‘The day was fun but I look back at it more as empowering – I felt very empowered when I left set, I felt like I was grounded and had taken ownership of my body.

Hayley Hasselhoff Topless - Hot Celebs Home

‘Everybody there knew it was for a bigger purpose and being able to showcase that women can be desired and loved no matter what shape or size they are.

‘If you’re a size two to somebody that’s a size 16-18, your body doesn’t have to be objectified if you celebrate it in such an artful way. I am very, very proud of the photos – I think they look gorgeous.’  

Hayley said the highlight of her shoot is the body you see is all hers, including her breasts and bum, and Playboy only ‘amplified’ her natural assets.  

She said: ‘It’s a tricky topic for me because do I agree with retouching our bodies to unhealthy lengths that aren’t necessarily a representation of who we are? Definitely not!

‘That’s one of the best things about this shoot – looking at my body, that’s my body! And I’m like hell yeah girl, that’s you, that’s you all the way! I look at that cover and I’m like my bum looks amazing! 

‘Playboy wanted to represent the first ever curve woman coming on and being able to say this is your body, this is your true figure – and my boobs are amazing, they have a great shape to them – and I’m so blessed Playboy wanted to be able to amplify what I already have.’ 

Hayley admits the last eight years of her life have seen her travelling between three countries and 10 flights per month but the coronavirus pandemic suddenly gave her the space and time to reflect.

Now, after being forced to spend five months and counting separated from boyfriend Dominic Charles Farrell, who’s in the UK while Hayley’s Los Angeles based, the actress hopes for more stability as she looks to the near future. 

She said: ‘It has been hard obviously because I can’t see him but we’re good with long distance just because when we first met each other I was travelling 10 times out of the month, we got very used to being in different time zones and making it work.

‘In our minds it was going to be 2-3 months we were going to be apart but now it’s turned into almost five months and there’s really no date of when we will be able to see each other again because of all this.

‘I was living as a digital nomad for so many years I was travelling so much for work and wherever the wind took me and I enjoyed that and we had our house out in the UK.

‘The pandemic has definitely put things into perspective, it made me feel that I also want a permanent place in LA where I’m from and I can build a bigger life there.’

Credits – Mailonline / Instagram / Playboy /Hayley Hasselhoff

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