Kate Winslet Reveals She Felt Good About Her Nude Scene In ‘Ammonite’

English actor Kate Winslet, who is known for her roles in Titanic, Sense & Sensibility, Divergent etc, recently went nude again for a scene in her film Ammonite. The actor whose nude scene in Titanic as well as her on-screen chemistry with Leonardo DiCaprio was a talk of the movie industry for an entire generation, loved that she had to do a nude scene again, according to DailyMail. Kate essays the role of a palaeontologist named Mary Anning, where she stars opposite Saoirse Ronan in the movie. 

Kate Winslet discusses 'wonderful' sex scenes in 'Ammonite'

Kate Winslet nude in Ammonite?

Kate Winslet, whose age is 43 as of now, confessed about her scene in an interview with DailyMail, where she talked out her role stating that she actually felt good to do a nude scene at the age of 43, and she “felt good about it”. The film is set up in the 1840s in England, where Kate’s character Mary Anning falls passionately in love with Saoirse’s character Charlotte. The movie had a world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 11, 2020. 

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter about how she and Saoirse had directed a scene in the film, Kate Winslet revealed that Francis Lee was very nervous about a specific scene when Kate told him to let her and Ronan work it out themselves, which they finally did. Kate also went on to say that she and Ronan then began marking out the beats of the scene so that they were anchored in something that just supported the narrative. She also added that she felt the proudest she’s ever felt for doing a love scene on Ammonite.

All about Kate’s movie Ammonite

Helmed by Francis Lee, the film Ammonite also stars Sarah White, Liam Thomas, and Sam Parks in leading roles. The film is set in England in the 1840s. A neglected fossil hunter named Mary Anning and a young woman who goes hunting for fossils forms an intense relationship that forever changes each of their lives.

Talking about whether the story resembles a true incident, there is actuallynot much known about Mary’s actual relationships. Mary passed away in the year 1847 at the age of 47 from breast cancer. She never married or had any children of her own. While Mary had a close friend and confidante in Charlotte Murchison in real-life too, unlike the movie, there has not been any kind of a romantic relationship established between them. However, Charlotte and Mary were touted to sketch and hunt fossils together in Lyme Regis. 

Upcoming Kate Winslet’s movies

Kate will also be seen in James Cameron’s Avatar 2 alongside Zoe Saldana and Vin Diesel in lead roles. The film is a sequel to the 2009 film, Avatar. The movie is currently in the postproduction stage is expected for a 2022 release. Post that, she will also be a part of Ellen Kuras’s film titled Lee.

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